The stories of Cubans who had to emigrate twice for the same reason, First to Venezuela and then to the United States fleeing the dictatorship of both countries. Double Exile.. Double Duel.

The documentary “Doble Exilio” conducted by Natalia Denegri and produced by Trinitus Productions, Nelson Bustamante and Elizabeth Hernández tells stories of Cubans who have had to emigrate twice, first to Venezuela fleeing Cuba, and then to the United States from Venezuela, trying to escape from the economic situation of those countries. Denegri gave herself the task of investigating, in order to take to the public, three cases of Cubans who emigrated from Cuba and then from Venezuela to the United States, escaping from the dictatorships of those countries. But these are just the sample of the thousands of families who have suffered the pain of separation from their roots.

The documentary “Doble Exilio” Part 1 was winner of the “AIPE Golden Latin Awards 2015”. Also, the mayor of the city of Miami, Tomás Regalado gave Denegri the Key to the City of Miami


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Trinitus Productions
Trinitus Productions