TV Host Natalia Denegri and the Hassenfeld Family Foundation help Puerto Rican children and elderly after the destruction of Hurricane Maria in 2017. “Hope” is the only thing millions of people have left. The short documentary highlights the needs of the community and showcases personal and tragic stories of those that seek medical attention in nearby Florida. Many people are waiting for life-saving flights to leave the island. They are suffering, they are in need.
“Hope” is the saddening true story of how Puerto Rico is still suffering after such a devastating earthquake. The beautiful island was completely ravaged by Mother Nature. Alan Hassenfeld from the Hassenfeld Family Foundation discusses the way he was brought up and what their family values are including “that you should try and bring sunshine where there’s darkness.” This is the perfect statement for the current and ongoing situation that Puerto Rico is living through.
The short documentary unveils the true story of how many hands have to come together to meet a catastrophe head on. The documentary is an exploratory film showcasing the disaster and relief efforts in a unique and experimental way. The narration adds humanity to the visuals you see of people suffering and waiting for aid. It brings the story home because you are forced to realize that millions of people are seeking aid and safety. The elderly, the young, families, single people. When Mother Nature brings a storm, she doesn’t have a bias against who she reigns down on.
Three generations of Hassenfeld brought together a beautiful hands-on project to bring hope to those in need, which is an important part of life. They bring a smile where there is a frown.
This is a story about how fellow Americans need your help still. They are still in a state of emergency and you can make a difference. “Hope” shows you what the Puerto Ricans are in need of and it shows how average American citizens can lend a hand by sending hope and aid to their fellow Americans on the Puerto Rican Island.
“Hope” is directed by Alain Maiki, founding member of Epic In Motion, Corp. He has directed and produced numerous music videos, short films, and has two features films under his belt. He is truly making an impact on the world with his two films, “Devuelveme La Vida” and “UMA” that are already gaining awards and multiple nominations across the globe.


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